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Want to break through the Arthritic pain circle?


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My name is Adrian Whitworth and I am a qualified Therapist specialising in Arthritic treatment. I have searched the market for an Arthritic Pain relief product that works, but Cortaflex HA exceeded my expectations in every way.

Your life can be miserable when you’re in constant pain – everyday chores can quite literally bring a tear to your eye.

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Cortaflex HA WILL help you by:


• easing your joint pain
• restoring your joint mobility
• reducing stiffness
• feeding your damaged cartilage the nutrients you need for healthy joints
• keeping your joints healthy, eradicating deterioration and guarding against injury
• Cortaflex HA starts working for you immediately
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How does it work?


Glucosamine and Chondroitin are compounds which are found around the joint areas in your body naturally. Their presence in the joints helps to maintain the soft cartilage and also helps your body to produce synovial fluid which keeps joints lubricated and flexible.

Instead of using man-made, large Glucosamine and Chondroitin molecules that have trouble being absorbed by your body, Cortaflex HA uses smaller, easily absorbed isolates of these properties, along with amino acids and co-enzymes, which stimulate your body to make its own Glucosamine and Chondroitin naturally.

These isolates of Glucosamine and Chondroitin contained in Cortaflex HA are smaller in size and so are much more easily absorbed through the walls of capillaries and into the joints where they are needed to help maintain supple and pain free movement.

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Human Cortaflex HA treats arthritis pain and joint pain

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Cortaflex HA is not a drug


It’s a new generation of natural supplements, feeding your joints the nutrients they need to repair and maintain healthy cartilage. It won’t interfere with any other medication you might be taking and there are no known side effects. It’s 100% natural, which means it’s 100% good for you - Order Cortaflex Now>>


Cortaflex HA will help you...


• if you suffer from painful joints
• if you suffer from Arthritis, especially Osteoarthritis
• if you’re a sportsperson wanting to protect yourself against future damage
• because you have a pre-existing joint injury that you want to protect


FACT: Prevention is the CURE


Protect yourself against injury everyday with this pioneering new treatment for Arthritis pain relief. By taking Cortaflex HA everyday you will help keep your joints supple and pliable, eliminating painful joints, stiffness and poor mobility. Order Cortaflex Now>>


Who can take Cortaflex HA?


• any person
• of any age
• in any physical condition


FACT: Premier Football Teams take Cortaflex HA to protect against injury!
FACT: Many Sportspersons take Cortaflex HA to maintain joint health


What are you waiting for?


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“I recently ordered Cortaflex HA and was pretty sceptical, but after a month of using Cortaflex HA the pain in my knees had almost gone. I stopped taking Cortaflex HA when the bottle ran out. Surprise, surprise my Arthritis has returned with a vengeance. Please find enclosed a cheque for another 2 bottles!”


“I’ve been suffering from stiff, painful joints for months. Stairs being a particular problem. My Massage Therapist recommended Cortaflex HA and I can truthfully state that within a week my joints had become more flexible and the pain had disappeared. It is marvellous to be pain free and have regained mobility, energy and subsequently a more positive and cheerful outlook. I regularly take Cortaflex HA as a proven remedy, I have no hesitation in recommending it to others for improved quality of life.”


“Having always suffered with considerable pain and trouble with my feet I have been delighted with the effect of Cortaflex HA in releasing all the jammed bones, giving my walking new lightness and bounce. Cortaflex HA has also eased the stiffness in my other joints, particularly my shoulders, I would recommend it to anyone with joint problems. It’s 5 star pain relief, thank goodness for Cortaflex HA”


“At the advice of my Physiotherapist I tried Cortaflex HA for an extremely painful knee, due to my job as a builder, that had been causing me serious problems. Thankfully using Cortaflex HA everyday I have found lasting pain relief. I would not be without it now.”


“I have always been an active person, yet started having problems with general stiffness and a calcified ankle. Cortaflex HA has helped ease my general stiffness and given me far better movement in my ankle, allowing me to continue and enjoy my busy life again.”


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I know the misery that Arthritic pain causes both personally and professionally that’s why I’m telling you about Cortaflex HA.


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Kindest Regards,

Adrian Whitworth
Specialist Massage Therapist